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Athabasca University

Underlying Basic Tenets

The Athabasca University Certificate in Career Development operates according to the following guiding principles.

  1. Core courses, in particular, should use a competence-based framework that emphasizes clarity and explicitness without masking the professional judgements and subjectivity that is inherent in teaching and assessing.
  2. There should be a flexible and open entry policy that includes the recognition of appropriate prior learning. Thus, all courses are open to challenge.
  3. It is important that course content in core courses include a theme of personal reflection and development.
  4. Program development in the certificate should be informed by a non-exclusive, cross-section of professionals from private and public institutions that employ and/or train and educate career development practitioners.
  5. All core courses need to have a practical (or applied) component built into them (e.g., in the theory course, build your own theory).
  6. There is no required order, but the preferred order is to do the core first, followed by the electives. The preferred order for completing the core is as follows: career development theory, career development tools.
  7. The program is intended for people with relevant work experience although others may be successful in the program as well.

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