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Dr. Victor Grossi



I answer my email everyday after 6 pm (Except Fridays and Saturdays).



I am a Clinical and Community Psychologist in Alberta and British Columbia. I have been in practice since 1982 and rotate my clinical duties between working with troubled youth who are serving time at a Young Offender facility, and accepting referrals in areas of depression, suicide, pain management, return to work problems, couple and family issues, and vocational assessments. I earned my B.Sc. degree at the University of Calgary and then went off to pursue Graduate Studies in Experimental Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. I then returned to the University of Calgary's Clinical-Community Ph. D. program.

I started as a tutor with Athabasca University in 1984 and the experience of interacting with many different students has been personally rewarding. In addition to my regular home tutor phone duties, I have also gained experience through paced-seminar instructor, delivery of teleconference courses, and have travelled to several Native Reservations across Alberta to teach psychology. I have also had experience to teach several AU psychology courses at Federal Institutions located in Bowden and Drumheller, Alberta.

With the advent of electronic course delivery, I am spending equal time answering email and speaking to students over the phone. I enjoy both forms of communication and encourage my students to make use of email, but also call me as this provides additional opportunity for fruitful discussion.

My wife and I have three children, Matthew, Marissa, and Milanna. We enjoy spending time golfing, skiing, and going on long family walks.

Interest Areas

Adolescent psychopathology and suicide, motivational systems, behavioral modification, cognitive therapy, clinical-forensic issues, and personality theory.

Selected Publications

Yunus, M., Grossi, V., & Field, L. In Search of Academic Excellence: A Guide for Parents and Students (1989). Poleco Social Research. Vantage Press.

Santi, A., Grossi, V., & Gibson, M. (1982). Differences in Matching-to-Sample Performance with Element and Compound Sample Stimuli in Pigeons. Learning and Motivation, 13, pgs. 12-13.

Grossi, V. Assessment of Suicide Behavior, C. Violato and A. Marine (Editors). Readings in Child and Adolescent Development. Detselig Press. Calgary, 1989.

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