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Dr. Thomas Dalby





I think that I have the honour of having the longest tenure as a tutor with the psychology group at AU, starting in 1977. I have tutored four psychology courses and have been author of three courses at AU. I am also writing a course for Criminal Justice Studies.

I have also been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary for the past 27 years and was a psychologist in the Calgary hospital system for 21 years, ending up as head of a department. I now have a full time consulting practice in forensic psychology and neuropsychology. Some of my clients include the National Hockey League and Canadian Rodeo Association where I am involved in concussion tracking programmes. I have been an expert witness in courts across Canada on hundreds of occasions in many different types of cases. I have published over 100 professional articles and books as well as short fiction. I have recently completed a screenplay on an 1843 murder case in London.

Representative Publications

Dalby, J. T. (1991) Sherlock Holmes’s cocaine habit. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 8, 73-74.

Dalby, J. T. (1997) Applications of Psychology in the Law Practice: A Guide to Relevant Issues, Practices and Theories. Chicago: American Bar Association.

Dalby, J. T. (Ed.) (1997) Mental Disease in History: A Selection of Translated Readings. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.

Dalby, J. T. & White, J. (2000) Adolescent Sex Offenders. In D. Mercer, T. Mason, M., McKeown, & G. McCann (Eds) Forensic Mental Health Care: A Case Study Approach. New York: Churchill Livingston, 43-47.

Dalby, J. T. (2007) On the witness stand: Learning the courtroom tango. Canadian Family Physician, 53, 65-70.

Dalby, J. T. (2008) A brief history of forensic psychology in Alberta. Psymposium, 18, 64-66.

Dalby, J. T. & Nesca, M. (2008) The psychology of hit and run. Law Enforcement Executive Forum Journal, 8, 51-56.

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