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Dr. Thomas Dalby





I have the honour of having the longest tenure as a tutor with the psychology group at AU, starting in 1977. I have tutored four psychology courses and a course in criminal justice and been the author of four courses as well.

I was an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Calgary for 33 years and was also on the faculty of medicine for 26 years. I was a psychologist with the Alberta Health System for 21 years ending up as head of a department. Since 2001, I have been in full time private practice in forensic psychology and neuropsychology. Some of my clients have included the National Hockey League, the United Nations, the RCMP, branches of the federal and provincial governments and numerous legal firms and insurance companies. I have published around 120 professional articles and books as well as short fiction and a screenplay.

Representative Publications

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Dalby, J.T. (2020) The rebuttal report. American Journal of Forensic Psychology, in press.

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