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Athabasca University

Dr. Melike Schalomon





I have been tutoring PSYC 290 at Athabasca University since 2006. However, I have been teaching full time at the University level since 1996, and currently teach courses in Neuroanatomy, Neuropsychology, and Human Sexuality in traditional lecture format courses.

Because my academic background is in Neuroscience, most of my research interests are in biological Psychology. My past research has focused on laterality in the brain. Split brain research has indicated that the left and right hemispheres differ in their motor, spatial, sensory, and emotional abilities. Most of my research in this area was done with rodents. My main current research interest is in the area of conditioning and memory capacity in zebrafish. I am investigating associative learning in water mazes, for example the conditioning of associations between various visual or olfactory stimuli and food rewards. Fish choice behaviour is analyzed with motion tracking software. I have an additional secondary research interest in the area of human sexual behavior.

On a personal note, much to the surprise of many of my distance education students at AU, my first name is not MIKE, and I am female.

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