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Michelle Jarick





Who am I?

I am currently a faculty member in psychology at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. I was born and raised in Ontario, where I completed my undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and graduate work at the University of Waterloo. During my graduate studies, I focused on studying a rare condition called Synaesthesia with the aim to learn more about how the brain integrates sensory information. Synaesthetes typically experience an extraordinary perception when exposed to an ordinary stimulus, such as colours for objects (letters, months, etc.) or sounds (speech, music, etc.) Following my PhD, I drove across the country to Vancouver, British Columbia where I worked as a postdoctoral researcher for a year in the BARLab (Brain and Attention Research Lab). There I worked with many aspiring young scientists and learned how to apply perceptual effects to real-world situations. I stumbled across a very reliable effect of eye contact, finding that it is very difficult to make eye contact for long periods of time.

I have been teaching at MacEwan for the past two years and am the newest academic expert for Athabasca. I love teaching and excited to gain experience tutoring Psyc289! Feel free to ask me any questions at any time throughout your studies. I will do my best to help clarify some complex concepts.


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