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Athabasca University

Dr. Lyle K. Grant

Professor, Psychology

Contacting Me

  • Phone: 1-888-449-0105
  • Fax: 780-675-6186

If you are a PSYC 289 student and you do not have a tutor, please email the Call Centre or phone them at 1-800-468-6531. The Call Centre is set up to either assist you directly or to forward your enquiry rapidly to the appropriate person.


I am professor of psychology at AU, where I have worked since 1981. As a graduate student I became interested in how people learn from written materials, especially self-instructional exercises. Toward the end of my time in graduate school, I realized that my work in materials development had qualified me to work in the field of distance education, a movement then in its infancy. As a result I was elated to come to work at Athabasca University, a leading institution in distance instruction. AU's approach to course delivery has been very much in keeping with my teaching and research interests.

The courses I teach at AU use adaptations of the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI). PSI is a mastery-learning system that makes use of detailed study guides and student manuals, an emphasis on the written word, course tutors, and student self-pacing, all of which are features of most Athabasca University undergraduate courses.

I also have an interest in developing computer-based tutorials and other web-based resources that help students learn. Online tutorials that I have worked on in some capacity or another include:

Much of my work has been focussed on teaching adults in university courses, but having children of my own led me to become interested in direct instruction and other effective approaches to preschool and grade-level instruction. Some web resources I've found helpful in early childhood instruction are included in my page of Early Learning Resources.

My most recent work has been concerned with sustainability. Here are some references:

Grant, L. K. (2007). Peak oil as a behavioral problem, Behavior and social issues, 16, 65-88.

Grant, L. K. (2010). Sustainability: From excess to aesthetics, Behavior and social issues, 16, 65-88.

Grant, L. K. (2007). Telecommuting: An open letter to AU colleagues

Interest Areas

Instructional psychology; instructional design; concept learning; computer-based instruction; critical thinking and independent reasoning; self management; behavior analysis of education; behavior analysis of sustainable living ; behavioral narratology; psychology of literature.

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