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Dr. Kim Vaughan (née Burggaf)





Hello. My name is Kim Vaughan. I am a homestudy tutor for Athabasca University PSYC 228 - Introduction to Child Development; PSYC 323 - Developmental Psychology; and PSYC 315 - Psychology and the Mass Media.

I recently completed my Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Calgary. My research dissertation was a longitudinal study that examined the individual and combined contributions of media, family, psychological and maturational factors in the development of eating disorder symptomatology in a community sample of 10-13 year old females. My Master's of Science degree is in Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology for the University of Calgary. My master's thesis focused on food intake research. Finally, I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

I take great pleasure in sharing my expertise and enjoyment of Psychology with students. I believe that it is important to make learning as interesting and relevant as possible. My main goal as a homestudy tutor for Athabasca University is to facilitate students in the process of becoming life-long learners.

Selected Publications

Fouts, G.T., & Burggraf, K.K. (2000). Television Situation Comedies: Female Weight, Male Negative Comments, and Audience Reactions. Sex Roles, 42 (9/10), 925-932.

Fouts, G.T., & Burggraf, K.K. (1999). Television situation comedies: Female body images and verbal reinforcements. Sex Roles, 40 (5/6), 473-481

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