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Athabasca University

Faculty & Tutors


Bob Brandes
Academic Coordinator
counselling, cultural psychology, communication, and decision-making / critical thinking
Caroline Buzanko
Assistant Professor
autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning, resiliency, childhood anxiety, parenting, collaborative problem solving, school-based intervention
Dr. Andrew Chiarella
Academic Coordinator
educational technology, particularly social software; educational psychology, cognition and instruction; distributed cognition; the interdisciplinary fields of the learning sciences and cognitive sciences
Dr. Linda Chmiliar
Associate Professor
learning disabilities, social skills instruction, collaborating with parents, and augmentative communication. I am very excited about the Diploma in Inclusive Education as I believe it offers individuals a great opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge in the area of working with special needs students in regular education settings
Dr. Trevor Gilbert
Associate Professor
psychological and neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy and anticonvulsant drugs, kindling, neuropsychopharmacology, educational technology, and online learning
Dr. Lyle Grant
instructional psychology; instructional design; concept learning; computer-based instruction; critical thinking and independent reasoning; self management; behavior analysis of education; direct instruction
Dr. Bob Heller
Associate Professor
language; memory; aging; technology in teaching
Dr. Cheryl Kier
Associate Professor
child and adolescent development, family interaction, learning styles, racism and discrimination
Dr. Cheuk Ng
Associate Professor
environmental psychology; environment-behaviour interactions in residential, work, and retail settings; telework; cross-cultural issues; immigrant acculturation
Dr. Faria Sana
Associate Professor
categorization, comparison, metaphor processing, exemplar-based learning and compound processing
Dr. Geoff Peruniak
Associate Professor
experiential learning processes; adult education; distance education; community education; career and employment counselling; organizational development; philosophy of education


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