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Athabasca University

Dr. Cheuk Fan Ng

Professor, Psychology




I joined Athabasca University in 1993. Before coming to AU, I had held faculty and research positions at University of Saskatchewan, University of New Brunswick, and St. Thomas University in Canada.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I came to Canada with great enthusiasm to pursue my undergraduate studies in the frigid, peaceful, and sparsely populated Manitoba. This new life experience and my work experience in real estate appraisal sparked my interests in environmental psychology, the study of interactions between individuals and their physical environment. I continued on with my graduate work at the University of Victoria, B.C., where I received my masters and doctoral degrees in psychology with a focus in environmental psychology.

As I move on in my career, my teaching interests have cut across several applied, non-clinical areas of psychology. My research interests remain in the environmental, social, and cross-cultural psychology areas: noise, crowding, and privacy in the work and home environments, immigrants' use of space and acculturation, and more recently, telework and mobile work. As Athabasca University students are studying anytime anywhere, so are most of the professors and tutors working at different times from many different locations. It just seems critically important that we understand the ramifications of this new work trend.

I have been on the editorial board of the Journal of Environmental Psychology since 2015 and a board member of the International Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Network since 2017. Having been a member of the Environmental Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association for many years, I served as its Section Chair (1997-2002) and newsletter editor (1992-1995; 1998-2002). I am also a member of the Environmental Design Research Association, International Association of People-Environment Studies, American Psychological Association, Division 34, and Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

I was an affiliated researcher with the Prairie Metropolis Centre: A Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration, Integration, and Diversity, based in the University of Alberta (2000-2013 when it was de-established).

Selected Publications

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