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Dr. Alan LeBoeuf




[Editor's note: There is a real video film clip of Dr. LeBoeuf introducing himself. To view the clip, you must first download the free player from Real Networks.]

Hello to all my students. My name is Dr. Alan LeBoeuf.

I have been a tutor at Athabasca University for 17 years and was originally involved in tutoring when the university was much smaller than it is today. Of course, in those days no one had a computer and all marks were submitted to the university by mail. Even when computers did become regularly available the advent of an efficient e-mail system was still many years away.

I estimate that I have tutored well over 5,000 students from about 25 countries during my years with the university and it has been a recurring pleasure to see many of my students go onto academic and professional success. Of course, no two students have ever been the same and it is this diversity which has made tutoring so exciting. However, I should add that tutoring does have its fair share of stresses. I have received phone calls at 3.50 am from students in different time zones and remember the occasion I had to tutor from a company switchboard and had one student on the line and eight on hold.

With regard to my endeavours for the university other than tutoring I have been involved in many revisions of the course materials for PSYCH 289 and have been responsible for several thousand multiple-choice test and exam questions that have been associated with this course. I have also been involved in the development of Internet materials for PSYCH 289 as well as PSYCH 435 (abnormal psychology).

On a personal note I was born in Salford, England and attended university in Sheffield, Birmingham and Dublin where I received my Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) in 1977. From there I was fortunate to move to Bermuda where I spent 7 years as principal clinical psychologist at St Brendan's Hospital. When it was time to move on I chose Calgary in 1980 and have lived here ever since. I initially worked at the old Calgary General Hospital eventually becoming Head of Behavioural Medicine and then in 1991 went into private practice until 1999 when I accepted a position as psychological consultant to the Worker's Compensation Board in Calgary. During the last thirty years I have involved myself in research when the opportunity has arisen and so far have published 24 papers on subjects as diverse as memory molecules, dreaming, behaviour modification and agoraphobia. Presently I am involved in a research project investigating some of the psychometric indices of malingering. Other interests include personality assessment, post traumatic stress disorder and brain injury rehabilitation.

I have always enjoyed lecturing and have been involved in this capacity with Trinity College Dublin, University of Maryland, Queen's University and the University of Calgary. In a less academic environment I was a correspondent for CBC between 1984 -1987 when I appeared across Canada presenting on various topics related to psychology.

While I have considerable interest in Psychology I have many other diverse interests none more so than my 5 and 8 year old girls who I suspect keep me young (or stressed). On the recreational front I have somehow found the time to train for several marathons and broke 3 hours in my last many years ago.. When I became a recreational runner I began to focus on the theatre and have performed in 10 stage plays over the last decade and 280 murder mysteries. I have also written 8 murder mysteries and book about Bermuda.

Several years ago when my colleagues must have wondered about mid life crisis I became the President of a publicly traded mining exploration company and had the good fortune to travel to places such as Mexico, Suriname and Brazil in search of gold. In fact, in what must be the epitome of beginner's luck I found a sizable nugget ten minutes into my first trip and that now takes pride of place on the mantelshelf.

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